Every child needs a special place – a private space in which , imagine , , or just to be alone . Every parent wants to provide this special place , but may feel that space at home is at a premium , and this just is n’t possible . This is why we created the Accordion Play House – a foldable , expandable playhouse that be child , and can then be quickly folded back up for out – of – the – way storage . Now every child can have that special place of his or her own – with the Accordion Play House.


Foldable - Save time and space

With a folding body that shrinks and stretches like an accordion, Accordion Play House solves this problem by being easy to setup and take down even without the
help of the adults

- bringing satisfaction to both the child and the adult.

Connectable - Build a connection

Connecting to other playhouses allows bigger play space and can also be made into various shapes. Children can experience collaboration and innovation through this.

Just like Accordion Play House, kids can build a connection with others.


Quality Materials- Refreshing Interior

High quality lighting and air permeability is made possible using materials from air purifying filters, creating a fresh indoor environment.